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Taylor Welsh Anna Elizabeth Parker CW:08C:001:014 The first poem I am analyzing is “My Mother’s Closet” by Kate Buckley. The narrator is portrayed in a detective manner, grieving her mother, and sharing a scene that shows how the little memories play a big role in her mind. She describes a reoccurring fascination with her mother’s belongings, and how her father caught her in the act one day. The craft term imagery jumped at me when rifling through the techniques. The narrator gives an extremely clear image of what is happening at that very moment. For example, personification is used in the line, “Your shoes were their own country”. You can picture her exercising her senses by the beginning of the third and fourth stanzas, “I searched your handbags” and “I even smelled your stockings”. Buckley’s imagery makes the reader feel as though they are sitting right next to this girl, soaking in the specific, yet valuable articles of her beloved deceased mom. The next poem also has a motherly vibe to it, named “First Thanksgiving” by Sharon Olds. This poem starts off with a mother fantasizing about what events will take place when her college daughter comes back for thanksgiving. The title suggests that this will be the first thanksgiving spent with only herself and her daughter. The context is bittersweet, with sweet resembling the first half. Syntax plays a huge role on the meaning of this poem. Its almost as if the structure is made up of two very long sentences, since “When” and “Now” are the only words capitalized to start a line. The narrator uses participial listing to heighten the feeling of letting go of a loved child in the line “As a child, I caught bees, by the wings, and held them, some seconds, looked into their wild faces, listened to them sing, then tossed them back into the

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