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STRENGTH When I think of Cracker Barrel, the first thing that comes to mind is the warm southern family setting. This is one of their greatest strengths. Cracker Barrel offers a family dining setting, like no other restaurant I can think of. To top that off they are paired with a lovely merchandise store in the front area of all their locations. Cracker Barrel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long. They also have a very extensive kids menu, to please the pickiest of eaters. I personally enjoy their chicken & dumpling meal, which they serve in very generous portions. Weakness Although Cracker Barrel have an awesome reputation for their delicious food, that alone cannot cover up for poor work ethics. Cracker Barrel have been plagued as a racist organization. Many customers and employees have made claims of being treated unfairly. For example managers allowed White employees refuse to services black customers. As well as when Black customers had a complaint about something. I t was not taken as seriously as a White customer’s complaints, Not only have they experienced racism problems, they also encountered problems with sexual orientation. When hired at Cracker Barrel it was nothing to protect the rights of Gays. Sexual orientation was kept out of the non-discrimination for hiring new employees. Gay employees was told to display heterosexual qualities while at work. This was enforced to maintain the family dining experience for customers. Alleged Racist Complaints LGBT Rights OPPORTUNITY I believe Cracker Barrel would do very well if they went international. They have a good solid company that have been doing well for years. To branch outside of the U.S could deem very profitable for the organization.

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