Crack Babies Research Paper

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Record: 1 Title: Crack babies: Here they come, ready of not. Authors: Elliot, Kaye T. Coker, Donald R. Source: Journal of Instructional Psychology; Mar91, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p60, 5p Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *CHILDREN of prenatal substance abuse *LEARNING disabilities *LEARNING disabled children -- Education Abstract: Focuses on the extent to which inappropriate/disruptive behaviors and/or learning disabilities are related to children's exposure to crack-cocaine in utero. Direct relationship of birth defects and the possibility of non-nurturing home environments to prenatal use of crack-cocaine; Impact of the birth defects on the children's academic achievement; Strategies for working with the crack-affected children.…show more content…
Researchers are consistently seeing bog-term problems in the crack-exposed children. Problems that may cause them to be labeled reaming disabled. Diagnosis for the most severely damaged children usually indicated need for special education classes. For the others, the severity and scope of their problems varied, but most all had difficulty in a traditional school setting. There was an inability to deal with many different stimuli at once. They had a low tolerance for frustration and had difficulty structuring information. They were easily overwhelmed by new information (Rist, 1990). The same symptoms were repeatedly seen by the researchers who have followed crack-exposed infants from birth. The New York Times recently reported: The most severely affected children suffer from seizures, cerebral palsy, or mental retardation. Most children have an array of symptoms that include hyperactivity, sudden mood swings, extreme passivity, apparent lack of emotion, slow language acquisition, or mild speech impairment. Many are overwhelmed by stimuli like noise or piles of toys, have trouble interpreting nonverbal signals, are easily frustrated, find it hard to concentrate, and learn something one day only to forget it the next (Chira,
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