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How to Study for the Web Course This web-based course relies on the navigational system that accompanies the course material purchased from Faulkner Press (Media). After downloading the course to your computer, you enter the program by clicking on the course icon that appears on your desktop. You are taken to a basic menu. General announcements and links, including how to submit exams and how to verify exam scores at My Account, will be shown in the “News and Events” area. Codes to access exams are posted there. The main menu and four components: [pic] Keys to Success: Most successful students proceed through the course components in this order: 1) Go to: “View Textbook Material”, which takes you to the library and the text for each topic in the course. Read the text for a particular section and related topics. Then… 2) Go to: “View Presentations,” which takes you to mini-lectures and slides that help clarify text ideas; then… 3) Go to: “Exercises & Assessment,” where you will find practice questions for each topic. They are presented 10 at a time – score the practice test and check your answers. Then take another 10 question practice test. Most of the questions for exams are drawn randomly from the practice items. Then… 4) Go to: Exercises & Assessments to take the online exams (exercises) when scheduled. HELPFUL RESOURCES Faulkner Media Help Desk for Courseware Guide and help articles http://www.faulknermedia.com/help/ Faulkner Media Help Desk staff for technical assistance Email: questions@faulknermedia.com -- or – call the help desk at toll-free:

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