Cpr Program Essay

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Please use this application form for the pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, including the MBA Scholarship Awards. For all other applications or questions, please email info@ydd.org.my. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS 1. Please complete all sections of the application form, including attaching your photo and signing the acknowledgement page. 2. Email the completed application form, along with scanned copies of the signed acknowledgement page, original academic transcripts, official certificates, college/university offer letter and other relevant attachments in PDF file to: info@ydd.org.my 3. Reminder: The scholarships are for undergraduate or postgraduate applicants pursuing subjects that are critical to the development of the nation including non-traditional/ niche-area subjects, in the fields of arts, design and creative; business, finance and economics; humanities and social sciences; applied sciences and technology, life/ natural/ physical sciences, etc. at any universities ranked in the top 20% for the study subject (e.g. acceptance to one of the universities positioned higher than 20 on a ranking of 100 institutions for the study subject), as published by: i. Times Higher Education; or ii. The Complete University Guide; or iii. US News and World Report; or iv. Financial Times; or v. Other recognised global university rankings. The league table per subject may vary based on total number of institutions reviewed in the ranking. 4. Only shortlisted Applicants will be notified. APPLICATION FORM FOR SCHOLARSHIP PERSONAL DETAILS |Name |: | |[Insert photo here] | |NRIC Number |: |
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