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GRADE 8: SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT MRS. Y. HILL (205) The Pact: Three Young men Make a Promise to Fulfill a Dream By: Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt MANDATORY (YOU MUST COMPLETE NUMBER 1) 1. Keep a weekly reflective journal pertaining to your own struggles and accomplishments in attaining your personal goals. This will serve as a venue to express your individual feelings from summer and through the remainder of the school year. CHOOSE 3 OF THE FOLLOWING REMAINING 9 OPTIONS 2. After completing The Pact, log onto: History and Politics Out Loud. http://www.hpol.org/. Ed. Jerry Goldman. 30 Sept. 1999. Northwestern University, search for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, ―I Have a Dream Speech.‖ Listen to Dr. King’s speech. Compare and contrast the dream in both these literary pieces (―The Pact‖ and ―I Have a Dream‖). Create a Venn diagram illustrating your findings. 3. Pretend that the movie, The Pact is set to open in New York City next month. Your graphic design company is selected to promote the movie. Design a poster (or perhaps a website) to advertise The Pact. Briefly outline the rationale (reason) for your design and its relation to the original story. 4. Have students visit the Three Doctors Foundation website via the following link: http://www.threedoctorsfoundation.org/foundation.php The foundation’s mission is ―To inspire and create opportunities for inner city communities through education, mentoring and health awareness.‖ Research the foundation by clicking onto the above link. Using your knowledge of the power of a persuasive essay, compose a speech asking your audience for funding to support The Three Doctors Foundation. 5. Research the ―History of Hip Hop/Rap.‖ Create a timeline showing the evolution of the dance form. Research themes that are played out in the lyrics of Hip Hop music. What

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