Cpap For The Treatment Of Osa (Obstructive Sleep Essay

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Cpap for the treatment of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) Millions of Americans knowingly suffer from OSA and actively seek treatment for this permanent condition; but, there are millions more who are ignorant of this serious and even potentially fatal disorder. OSA is defined as obstructive sleep apnea. This is referred to any type of anatomical obstruction that prevents proper ventilation while sleeping. Throughout the night, people untreated for OSA will exhibit a breathing pattern referred to as Cheyne-Stokes. This is displayed buy short shallow breaths that gradually increase in depth then gradually become shallow again followed by a period of apnea (absence of breathing); this pattern continues throughout the night. This erratic breathing pattern causes interruptions of the natural sleep cycles, which in turn causes the a lack of adequate deep REM sleep. Over prolonged periods of time this causes some people to become chronically sleepy and exhibit almost narcoleptic like symptoms. The dangers associated with this can be deadly; and for this reason OTR truck drivers are often tested for sleep apnea to ensure that they do not have the potential to fall asleep at the wheel. The worst danger of all is that a person can actually die during an apnic period while sleeping. Treatment of OSA is done with Cpap therapy. Cpap is defined as continuous positive airway pressure. Cpap is administered via a portable home unit that is pre-set by a Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner. The person is fit with a mask that they will wear during the night; the mask is connected to the machine via tubing. Throughout the night the machine provides continuous air pressure ensuring that even if the person begins to become apnic their airways will be kept open. This type of therapy has been proven extremely beneficial and greatly improves or reverses the OSA with permanent

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