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E-Mail to Coworker Brooke Dupre HCS/514 Managing in Today’s Healthcare Organization June 1, 2015 Lisa Keener To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for inquiring about the difference between managers and leadership at The Interactive Health System. The Interactive Health System seeks to provide our employees with reliable information, tools and actions to achieve a successful career with our company while upholding the standards of our company’s mission. I am writing this email so that you will have a clear understanding of the differences between management and leadership. I will provide valuable information and the description of both management and leadership. Management is defined as the source that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish organizational goals by being resourceful, effective and efficient. There are many different forms of management, but when you’re an owner it could be different. Although, even being the owner of an organization, you still have stakeholders to answer to. Being a manager means responding to the needs of diverse parties within the company. The management team focuses on products and their costs. However, a manager also ensures a smooth movement of all stages of the transformation of the development process, while also satisfying parties of the executive management team. A manager, in today's world must ensure that their organization quality and productivity doesn’t suffer or change drastically. A manager should manage multiple projects. However, sometimes we may see managers passing their projects or responsibilities onto other individuals like supervisors or team leaders. Management of an organization will likely spell the success or failure of a company, in today's society. A manager is supposed to manage multiple aspects of the everyday workload. I believe a good manager here at Interactive Health Systems

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