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Cowgirl Chocolates Introduction and Situation Analysis History and Background Cowgirl Chocolates (CC) was founded by Marilyn Lysohir and her husband Ross Coates. Marilyn and Ross both were artists. Marilyn was an internationally known ceramicist and lecturer. This company came into life as an option for generating funds to run their art magazine ‘High Ground’ which was an annual issue. With an annual production of 600 copies High Ground simply did not pay for itself. Marilyn’s first employer had encouraged her creativity and allowed her to carve animal sculptures from chocolate for display. This kind of art was liked by most of the youngsters. It was at this point that Marilyn started realizing the power of chocolate. Marilyn considered her brother’s idea of making chocolates hot and spicy, and decided to make some. She experimented in her kitchen with the help of some neighbors and friends. Marilyn and Ross then started a company and decided to get the chocolate produced at a local candy company. Marilyn’s company (Cowgirl Chocolates) motto was ‘sissies stay away’. The image that Marilyn perceived for her company was of ruggedness. The ‘uniqueness’ of the spicy flavor did help the company to attract customers who liked hot and spicy, and could have just been introduced to the combination of hot and spicy with chocolates. This concept could have been new to many of the potential customers out there. Besides that, the company had a policy that customers can just return the stock if they disliked the spicy chocolate truffles, for a full refund. By using the best ingredients, and superior quality and freshness of the materials Marilyn tried to make sure that she targeted the quality and health conscious customers. Current Company analysis Many companies have strengths and weaknesses, Cowgirl Chocolates had its own. Cowgirl chocolates offered many types

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