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Football, an American sport that can be traced back to the early nineteen century, dates to the first game being played on November 6, 1869. It was adapted by the early United Kingdom games of Rugby and Soccer however, just in a diverse form. My review, dates back to Week two of the 2008 NFL season, September 14, 2008, when two rivalry teams stepped on the Texas Stadium, Home of the Cowboys, turf and blew away many minds as the game had took many intriguing moments. Fans took their seats as a spectacular game had just begun. Both teams were seeking to take first place in NFC East division, as both had one win each. In the first half, Mcnabb, the Eagles QB, threw two touchdowns leading his team to a lead of 30 to 24, as halftime approached. On the other hand, Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, had thrown two touchdowns himself, and his team was just down by a touchdown. In the second half, tension arose, and fans couldn’t predict who would win, believing there team would stay on top. The first team to score in the second half was the Cowboys, taking the lead. The Eagles responded with a Westbrook, rushing touchdown, taking the lead once again. As the fourth quarter started, it could be anyone’s game and there was no absolute outcome. It was 37 to 30 Eagles, until the commentator’s melancholy said “Touchdown Cowboy’s” which broke many hearts. I dropped my remote as many fans took their seats and sadly sat there with no enthusiasm, of coming back. It was down to Mcnabb, with 1 min and 43 second left on the clock. “He snapped the ball, stayed in the pocket until he was pressured by 3 linebackers. He ran for protection, but was eventually sacked. It was 2 and 10 and the Eagles tried to respond, as Mcnabb throws a bullet pass to Westbrook, as he steps out of bounds to stop the clock. With only 30 second on the clock, Mcnabb in a shotgun play, snaps the football, and launches it to

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