Cowboy Up Essay

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THE PAINS OF ADVERTISEMENT FOR A COWBOY. “OMG!!!!!!!!!! Come and check this out!!!!!!!! You can’t afford to miss out on this once in a life-time phenomenon.” Advertising, today’s preferred means of getting your attention and interest. “Welcome and congratulations! You’ve come to the right place! Here at McNeese State University the phrase “Excellence with a Personal Touch” is more than a slogan. It is the heart and soul of our campus culture. It is a culture we want you to experience as soon as you encounter one of our enthusiastic students, proud alumni, committed faculty, or dedicated staff. As the sixth president of this fine university, I find that I have inherited a legacy of solid financial stewardship, academic excellence, exciting cultural and athletic opportunities, sustainable growth, and unlimited potential (Williams).” These are the words of McNeese State University President Dr. Philip C. Williams that was viewed advertised on the McNeese State University’s web page. While experiences such as Dr. Williams’s are possible and attainable for a variety of people at McNeese State University, not everyone are actually afforded the opportunity for such an experience making advertised statements such as the words, personal touch, you’ve come to the right place, dedicated staff and a legacy of unlimited potential are present proves not to be completely true or tell the entire story and for universities to use tactics as such to promote enrollment is morally wrong if what is being advertised as a perk for some students do not apply to all students all of the time. Now after reading such a statement, the average person would be completely sold and the only question generated in mind would be, “Where do I sign up right?” I mean, come on a place with a focus and a plan as such as that one; heaven on earth right? Well, that’s the

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