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COW’S EYE dissection Dissecting a Cow’s Eye Step-by-Step Instructions One way to figure out how something works is to look inside it. To learn about how your eyes work, you can dissect, or take apart, a cow’s eye. Safety first! You’ll be using a scalpel or a razor to cut the cow’s eye. Be careful. A scalpel or razor can cut you as easily as it cuts the cow’s eye. ® Visit the Cow’s Eye Dissection online: Whenever you handle raw meat (whether it’s a cow’s eye or a steak), you wash your hands thoroughly afterward to wash away any bacteria you picked up from the meat. If you have cuts on your hand, we also recommend you wear gloves so that no bacteria from the cow’s eye infects your cut. COW’S EYE dissection Here’s what you need: - One cow’s eye for every two participants - One single-edged razor blade or scalpel for every two participants - Scissors (optional) - Wax paper and paper towels - Plastic garbage bag - A cutting board or other surface on which you can cut - A sheet of newspaper - Soap, water, and paper towels for cleaning up page 2 Here’s where to get cows’ eyes: You can order cows’ eyes at a butcher shop or purchase them directly from a slaughterhouse. Try to get eyes with the muscles and fat still attached. If possible pick up the cows’ eyes the day of the dissection; eyes are easier to cut when they are fresh. RETINA CORNEA BLIND SPOT OPTIC NERVE PUPIL AQUEOUS HUMOR IRIS LENS VITREOUS HUMOR SCLERA TAPETUM This diagram shows the parts of the eye. Can you find these parts in a cow’s eye? COW’S EYE dissection Here’s what you do: page 3 1 Examine the outside of the eye. See how many parts of the eye you can identify. You should be able to find the whites (or sclera), the tough, outer covering of the eyeball. You should also be able to identify the fat and

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