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Covering Kids—the RFP The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) knew it wanted a collaborative partner to do the research for its Covering Kids initiative . The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Elaine Arkin , a social issues marketing specialist , was recruited to develop the request for proposal (RFP). The RFP described the Covering Kids initiative , as well as the type of marketing research needed, but stopped short of specifying the methodology. “We knew we wanted some baseline information, as well as some pre-testing of advertising.” The RWJF team put together a search list by contacting firms that had managed large communication initiatives in the past. These contacts recommended a dozen firms that were then asked to describe their capabilities to do quantitative and qualitative research,as well as their experience with social issue research and with minority and low-income populations. In all, six firms were asked to submit detailed research proposals. A committee consisting of RWJF staffers, the team from GMMB (the agency charged with developing the campaign),and several research specialists reviewed all six proposals. “We were working on a very tight deadline. The research would need to be started and finished quickly , with the results incorporated into the GMMB-designed campaign-all in less than three months,” indicated RWJF senior communications officer Stuart Schear . Each firm’s proposal was reviewed for the feasibility of the methodology and the cost , as well as the firm’s ability to meet the time constraints. “Two firms could not meet the constraints , and another two were deemed too small to deliver the quantitative and qualitative research needed,” explained Arkin . Less than one week after receipt of the proposals , the review committee selected Wirthlin Worldwide to provide the research . Wirthlin started the research

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