Covered In Gold Essay

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Covered in Gold As the United States was rapidly expanding during the 1900’s following the Civil War, government started to take a commanding role while attempting to fix many problems that were going on at the time. One of which was how to solve the Native American problem. Many people perceive the encounters throughout history with Native Americans to be peaceful and welcoming, what really happened was completely opposite. Many of the encounters that happened resulted in gruesome deaths, brutal fighting and numerous attacks (Dunn JR., 62). All of this leads to the mistreatment of the Native Americans. Another problem that affected the world was what the true meaning of freedom meant. These complications helped shape the United States…show more content…
There was an abundance of jobs, the middle class of America was to forming and Corporate America was beginning to thrive. These new jobs that were located throughout inner cities paid their workers more than foreign countries, but also required rigorous, dangerous, and harsh working conditions that made their workers life ruff. Many of the migrant workers, also known as Birds of Passage, supplied the money for their families back home, which gave them no option in weather or not it was a good job. Many of the big businesses that supplied numerous jobs took advantage of this and used stipulations such as, if the workers did not comply with these conditions they would be fired right away without any pension or unemployment, practically enslaving their workers. These labor conditions helped Terence V. Powderly launch the Knights of Labor in the 1880s. This group was the first group that organized and assisted every one of all genders, races, and skillsets except the West Coast Asians. The Knights of Labor movement included programs such as “standardizing the eight hour work day, currency reform, anarchism, and socialism”, (Foner, 620). All of these programs were installed in order to help the working class. The settlers were looking for a better way of life from where they
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