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Task Three : Cover Letter Adrian Chang 82 Vintage Drive Henderson (021)1371212 21 March 2009 Bob Brown The Human Resources Manager Focus Research International Private Bag 99999 Auckland Dear Mr Brown, Re: Application for Communications Specialist position, vacancy 969812 I am writing in response to your advertisement in the New Zealand Herald regarding the Communications Specialist job vacancy you have with your organization. I am keen to apply for this position and I believe that I possess the skills and knowledge which are required for this position. I have recently graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint Honors degree in Information Systems and Marketing. During my last two years at university, I was the editor for Cracuum which is the university's student magazine. My main responsibilities as editor were proofreading and editing articles, and making sure the magazine was ready for publishing. Meeting deadlines and discharging all responsibilities associated with this editorial position were enriching, challenging and rewarding. I have also learnt to be a team player with other fellow students working on the magazine. Focus Research international is well-known for its innovations in the areas of marketing and advertising. In particular, I am impressed by your recent advertisement campaign on computer technology which was original and creative. It would be a great honor to work for a reputable company as yours. Although I am a fresh graduate, I believe that with the experience I obtained as a magazine editor and supported by my tertiary background in information systems and marketing, I am confident that I will be able to establish a career in your communications team and contribute to your company. I would appreciate very much if you would grant me an opportunity to meet with you in person to

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