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cover letter Dear Sir/Madam: Re: Store Assistant I am writing to apply for the above position, as advertised on the Morrisons website. I am a 16 year old student, studying full-time, I am looking to start a career within food retail. Morrisons appeals to me over other leading food retailers as it is constantly busy, energetic and al the staff members are focus on helping the customers, which I believe is the ideal environment to work in to make me grow as an employee. Although, I currently have no experience within retail, I know that working for Morrisons, will give me the opportunity to show my potential, whilst offering me new challenges while staying as an exciting career. I believe I am suitable for this role, as I am very focused, energetic, and most of all pleasant. I am very hard-working, and enjoy being on my feet and being busy, which is why a career in retail appeals to me so much. Additionally, I have always enjoyed working as part of a team, or using my wits to work individually; secondary school has giving me the opportunity to explore these as we have done many team and confidence building workshops which is important as they have shown me how to communicate ideas effectively, this is vital for any employee working in a fast-paced, customer focused environment. As you can see from my CV, I also had work placement as a nursery assistant. This position showed me what it is like to work under-pressure and to take responsibility. I enjoyed my work placement a great deal, which is why I feel working for Morrisons would be ideal for me. Availability I am hoping to work part-time and due to living close to the store, travelling there and back would not be a problem. During terms, I can work Monday-Friday 17.00 + and any given time on a weekend. As the seasonal holidays are approaching, I would also be able to do overtime, if needed.

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