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Dear Staff at Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission, I have learned about the Health Assistant position through and would like to be considered for this position. With the company’s goals to inspire individuals to live a healthy lifestyle as well as be a contributing factor to the community, I would be a strong candidate for this position. I am aware that FEOC provides health services to people of all ages and backgrounds. With your goal of providing long term educational and health values to our growing generations, my knowledge in English, Mathematics, Science, ability to work well and lead groups, as well as provide personal support makes me the ideal candidate for this position and will aid me in meeting your expectations. As my resume demonstrates, I have a strong background in leadership and education. I have led groups of students through their first year of high school while maintaining my role as mentor. My experience goes as far as educating elementary students about drugs and alcohol and my own peers about healthy relationships and domestic abuse. I’ve also had the chance to tutor groups of 3-7 students for a semester in subjects they may find challenging; anywhere from trigonometry to help with writing essays or science. I’ve been gifted with positions where I can make a difference. I observe these students, help them with school, aid them in making right decisions and most rewarding I get to observe and take what I learn from them to assist me in my future. I’ve taken all my lower division English classes and creative writing class at the University of California, Riverside. I have since returned to Fresno where I have finished my Associate’s Degree classes at Fresno Community College in Nursing and am waiting for graduation. With all the qualifications I have to be a successful Health Assistant at Fresno

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