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cover latter PETIT Amaury 9 allée François du Tremblay Rueil-Malmaison – 92500 France Subject : Internship Dear Mr Pursuing my third year in EDC business school , equivalent to a Bachelor degree, I want to complete this year with an internship abroad and will be available from 19/05 to 19/07 with the possibility to do extra weeks. As a Marketing Assistant at Norwood & Bic Graphic , alternating work and studies, I have been working on promoting brands and products . This experience gave me the opportunity to carry out market studies and analysis. It challenged my creativity since I had to develop brand and products pictures. As a motivated young professional, organized in my work and reactive. I am eager to learn and improve my skills and knowledge about this sector. This internship would be an opportunity to get experience in Spain or other country and to learn a different way to work. I am highly motivated to show you how I may contribute to the efficient running of your business. I believe that my strong background and perseverance will be an asset to your company. In addition, I am passionate about nutrition products since a long time and an internship in your company would allow me to continue developing my career through this path and learn all the specific aspects of that attractive market. I have attached my resume. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any more information or to make a video interview. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Truly Yours, Amaury

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