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Andrew Jack Jr. 2220 Avenida LaQunita Apt. 303 Houston, TX 77077 713/344-3588 August 1, 2013 Canon Business Processing Services, Inc Human Resource Department Houston, TX Dear Human Resources Manager, I am applying for the position of Records Technician, that I was informed was vacant by the organization UH Alumni. I believe I am the candidate for the position because I have preformed these responsibilities in positions at other jobs. I am very keen to join your team and make your organization more profitable through my skills and abilities. In addition, I have a motivation to complete any project on time given to me this becomes the reason why I feel I would be the perfect candidate for this position. In my current position as a mini-bar clerk at Omni Hotel Westside, I maintain and retrieve hard copy and electronic files from storage and an electronic data system for use as needed. Also I retrieve the files within an established time frame, reviewing the information to verify any disputed sales from hotel guest. Afterwards I ensure the returned files are properly logged and placed back in their proper location within the office. As an administrative assistant and unit supply team leader I maintained the cataloging process and procedures as well as upholding the rules and regulations. In addition to evaluating the cataloging system and making sure that they were efficient and effective in maintenance and retrieve of the files stored. In all my positions held I created files through data entry into an electronic data system; applied labels to folders, inter-filed, preparing files and retrieving them. As you will notice in my enclosed resume, I am a highly efficient and detail orientated person. I have over 5 years of experience in clerical and data entry duties from various companies. I am very skilled in reviewing, entering

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