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Cover letters - examples 1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The University of Texas at Austin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 University Station C0400 Austin, TX 78712-0231 USA Rés. Léonard De Vinci Appt. C205A 59 650 Villeneuve d’Ascq, France (+33)6 24 75 76 22 March 12, 2010. Dear Pr…………, I am interested in applying for the scientific research summer internship position in the field of xxxxxxxxxx. I am 21 and currently a junior graduate student at Ecole Centrale in Lille, France. My three years training in preparatory classes for entering that university gave me a taste for working hard, logic, as well as learning the fundamental concepts in mathematics and physics. I think that this internship would allow me to have a more experimental point of view on science, in a field that I consider as being at the center of new technologies, in which I would like to work. I would be very pleased to apply part of what I have learned and give it a more concrete angle. This internship would be invaluable for my career path as I really wish to work in this particular field, and especially in the USA. Thanks to my training I think I could bring to the research team my rigor and a different approach for facing problems because of the different learning environment in which I have evolved up to the present. I think my multidisciplinary training allows me to tackle subjects from different angles and to mobilize knowledge from all the various sources where it is to be found. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. Sincerely. 2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The University of Texas at Austin 111 E 17th St Austin, TX 78774, United States Datexxxx Dear ..., I am currently a first-year engineering student at “École Centrale de Lille” and I am writing to express my interest in the possibility of obtaining a summer

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