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Dear Sir: My education in business management and my passion for it offers a great deal to a company that seeks highly motivated and creative individuals with a drive to achieve. I graduated from UC in May 2007 and have since been working at CitiCorp as a Management Trainee. While pursuing my degree, I have worked on a number of projects, with specialization in Marketing. The most basic was creating an extensive Marketing Plan for Subway that showed me how planning is done and catered to customers' needs. In my Advertising elective, my team and I created an Ad campaign for launching Swiss Army Knife in town. It was a fantastic experience, where we started from scratch and ended up creating the best campaign (incl. Promotion planning, TVCs & Print ads) at the end of the course. In addition to my education, my recent experience as the Assistant Business Manager at the bank has allowed me to hone my management skills. In close collaboration with the Branch Banking Manager, I managed 30 branches in the North region. I have since learnt much about branch banking and sales, how to motivate and manage people with very different backgrounds and positions in the business structure and how to most efficiently get things done. More importantly, I have learnt the key to success is satisfying your customer, whether internal (e.g. staff) or external. This knowledge is helping me immensely in my new role in as a Customer Relationship Manager at the 13th Street branch. My positive disposition, creativity and appetite for challenging work offer a great deal to an organization like yours. I look forward to the chance to add value to it. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Nina

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