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Dear Sir, I was delighted to come across the notice for this opening on facebook, posted by a friend. I am ... .... , a and I am presently on my youth service in ... State but I’ll be available for interview at anytime required. Working at General Electric presents a very attractive challenge. The vast range of the company’s interests means that there will always be a lot to learn. GE is involved in moving the world forward with its technology from finding clean, sustainable sources of energy to maintaining the old ones, from inventing faster means of transportation to improving what is on ground, and producing everyday gadgets, it holds a promise that anybody would love to be a part of. For me, it offers the chance to learn what it takes to provide products of a world class standard in the highly competitive global market. I am especially interested in manufacturing, be it designing and building machines or production lines for products or for the machines themselves but, with the skill set I have I should be able to fit into any of the company’s operations. As a trained Industrial and Production engineer, I am familiar with a number of the competencies required for this position and with the mind set of always improving productivity. I worked at Golden Penny Flour Mills of Nigeria for 6 months as an I.T. student and therefore have some insight in the management of the operations of a big company. In university I was a member of ‘Students In Free Enterprise’ (SIFE), a group tasked with coming up with ideas for business start-ups in the local community and with bringing those ideas to reality. Thus I have experience with the challenge of dealing with people, finance and ideas. I look forward to working at GE and contributing my quota to its development and that of the world at large. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon. Yours

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