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(your first and last name) (address) (state and zip code) (phone number) Dear Human Resources Director, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is (your name) and I am very interested in becoming an employee of your establishment. I am currently in process of completing my Certificate program as a Medical Administrative Assistant in the middle of march 2012; I have completed my Certificate Degree in Computer Business in the summer of 2007 and gained experience as an Assistant Manager where I maintained conference calls, shipment, bank drop offs, and more. My experience as a pre-school teacher was the most outstanding position I have every held. I also have experience as a crew trainer where I trained new employers. I have strong technical skills and proficiency in word document creation, access database, data entry, excel spreadsheet, power point presentation, excellent customer service, records/ filing management and type 40 wpm. Two factors I deem highly in life are my sincerity, and my goal oriented working skills, which I feel are important not only as an employee but also as an asset to your place of business. I’m also very creative and resourceful. Being the Youth Director and Director of the young women’s ministry at my church has allotted me the opportunity to find innovative ways to lead young women into making better life choices that would allow them the chance to become productive women in society. I have taught as well as conducted dance ministries at several churches in Chicago, IL. I would like the opportunity to tell you more about my work experience and how my skill sets could contribute to your company. I would be happy to supply references at your request. I look forward in discussing the position with you. I can be contacted in the mornings at my Cell or Home .

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