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UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE A GUIDE TO BENEFITS AND EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Bilingual Representatives Available This booklet is issued by the California Employment Development Department. It contains general information about your rights, responsibilities, and benefits under the California Unemployment Insurance laws. The information is not intended to cover all provisions of the law. For specific information regarding your claim, contact the Employment Development Department (EDD) by accessing the EDD home page at or call the telephone numbers listed inside this handbook. Cover + 42 Pages CU DE 1275A Rev. 47 (7-09) (INTERNET) READ THIS HANDBOOK COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY Failure to follow the instructions in this handbook, make timely inquiries when necessary, report as directed, file required documents in a timely manner, or file claim forms as directed may result in delay or loss of your unemployment benefits. Do not rely on advice from friends or relatives. If you do not understand something or have a problem with your claim, contact the EDD, Unemployment Insurance (UI) office. INTERNET - INFORMATION AND SERVICES WWW.EDD.CA.GOV EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2009 CALL 1 866-333-4606 Automated Self Service English and Spanish Benefit Check Information Workforce Service Locations TELEPHONE NUMBERS English 1-800-300-5616 Spanish 1-800-326-8937 Cantonese 1-800-547-3506 Mandarin 1-866-303-0706 Vietnamese 1-800-547-2058 TTY (Non Voice) 1-800-815-9387 DE 1275A Rev. 47 (7-09) (INTERNET) Inside Cover + 42 Pages CU CONTACT EDD Ask EDD: THE FASTEST WAY TO GET AN ANSWER Ask EDD, available on our web site 24 hours a day, is a secure, private and confidential way to obtain information and ask questions about your claim and Unemployment Insurance. 1. Go to the Department Web site at 2. Select Unemployment Insurance 3. Look to the left margin

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