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Cover letter Parijat Banerjee Post Graduate Diploma in Management IIM Ahmedabad October 11, 2008 Mrs. Rinkoo Rajpal Human Resources Bain & Company, India Subject: IIM Summer Internship Program Dear Madam, I would like to work with Bain and Company for my summer internship. Charting the future course of action for reputed organizations to helping key decision makers address significant challenges, consulting requires one to tackle a variety of issues. It encourages individuals to address business issues strategically and make decisions in the best interest of the client. The variability from one assignment to the other challenges one to learn continuously and master diverse areas of business. Additionally, consulting promises an international experience with exposure to diverse cultures and an opportunity to work with talented people from across the globe. For these reasons I would like to pursue consulting as a career option. Bain’s philosophy of ensuring that the clients’ interest is paramount and the initiative to establish a clear linkage between results and revenues clearly differentiates it from other consulting firms. An action-oriented approach and a focus on practical solutions to problems makes Bain stand out. Lastly, a collaborative work environment and investment in human capital make the experience at Bain a rich and fruitful one. All through my career, I have worked passionately and excelled in my pursuits, academic or otherwise. With a predilection towards analytical work, I chose to pursue engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. My stint at IIT gave me an unprecedented opportunity for all round development. Along with rigorous academics, I learned to work in teams and led many of them successfully. Subsequently I worked with two reputed firms and thus got plentiful opportunity to observe business

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