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Cover Girl Ad Analysis What’s the best cover girl lip-gloss that’s on the market today? Of course we know that it’s the new wet slicks crystals that make your lips shine without being sticky. Yes, it’s similar like lip balm and it shimmers and glimmers but does it really stay on your lips and don’t smear or run? The over girl ad expresses a strong convincing statement that grabs our attention by showing “America’s Next Top Model” winner Eva wearing the new lip gloss that shows how your lips could be. Cover girl created this ad to simply sell their product and make money off of it. The part of the story that is not being told here is the cost of this product and if it really does work. Many magazines, ads, talk shows, movies, TV commercials, newspapers etc., like to persuade people to buy things that they can make a profit from. Many things that we own today, we simply don’t need. However because of subtexts known as unstated or hidden messages used in these advertisements we buy those things anyway because it had convinced us it will make us look cool or we’ll have fun with it.Cover girl sounds convincing that this lips gloss will not make our lips sticky and that it makes our lips shine. In this ad Eva’s lips appears to be very glossy. Do you believe that the lip gloss really does make them shine or that they edited her lips that way? Also in this ad the persuasive strategy used is pathos. Eva is very happy while wearing this lips gloss. The emotion of Eva’s happiness can make us think if we buy this new lip gloss we will enjoy it. Is this lip gloss really worth buying? Just because cover girl says that it’s all these nice things don’t really mean it’s true. Ads tend to persuade us using many different things most of the time just so we can buy. You shouldn’t always believe that an ad is always factual. Although if you truly do want to buy this new wet slicks

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