Courtroom Work Group Paper

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Courtroom WORKCourtroom Work Group Paper Bridgette Anderson CJA/204 Robert Quesada September 01, 2014 In the criminal justice system a courtroom work group is compose of the judge, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public offenders, and others that may work for the court work group such as clerk of court and court reporter. The judge has complete control over the courtroom, the workgroup, responsible for keeping the order and decision-making of finding the accused innocent or guilty of charges that are brought against them. The courtroom work group interacts on a daily basis in many ways. For one, the judge responsibilites are to oversee what goes on within the courtroom, and ensure the rights are not being violated, well as ruling each case that is presented before them. The defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and public offenders help present and illustrate the chain-of-events that includes substantial evidence to the judge along with their theories of how the crime took place. The judge interprets the information that is given to determine guilt or innocence without bias and ensuring that the accused gets the right conviction in which he or she deserves. Also making changes to the courtroom work group is a good idea. The changes that I would recommend to the courtroom work group are for the witnesses who have never been a witness, nor participated in a courtroom workgroup before needs to the courtroom proceedings discretely. Because, I have seen and witness so many trials that witnesses act like they do not know what to expect or how to conduct themselves during a trial which sometimes may question their creditability’s in the trial. Another change that I would recommend is to allow the judge to have the jury present during the plea bargain so when the defendant enters his or her plea of guilty, the jury should be the deciding factor if a plea
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