Courtroom Actors Essay

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Many different people play a part in a courthouse setting. These people or actors fall under five different categories. The categories range from law enforcement, corrections, courts (lawyers), court support staff and the public. Each actor has a specific role in the proceeding in finding justice for an accused criminal. The following paragraphs will cover one actor in each category, how they work together, and how they have the potential to communicate to another actor. In the court (lawyer) class a prosecutor is the most powerful actor in the courthouse. A prosecutor’s office chooses what cases charge and bring to court and which cases to plea-bargain. A prosecutor is an attorney of the government who represents the people in a criminal case. The purpose of the prosecutor is to convince a judge or jury "beyond a reasonable doubt" a criminal is guilty. They present all facts essential to the crime committed, linking it to the criminal (USLegal, 2008). The court reporter is in the group of court support staff. A court reporter works for the courthouse and is responsible for accurate transcript of everything said in court including testimonies of witnesses, instructions from the judge, and other oral statements (Oregon Judicial Department, 2008). The court reporter is important not only to have a record of the trial, but for the appeal process of the defendant. Before a trail can start the defendant has the right to be at his or her trial. The sheriff’s deputy, whom is a member of the law enforcement group, will transport the defendant from jail to the courthouse, then back to jail. This member is only used if the criminal does not bond out of jail (Neubauer, 2008). A probation officer is part of the corrections class. According to (2009), a probation officer is “an officer of the court who is responsible for conducting pre-sentence investigations
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