Courtly Love Essay

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Courtly Love is the secret admiration amongst forbidden lovers of nobility that was later practiced by the general society as whole, the consequences of which can disastrous to all involve. Some of the common characteristics associated with courtly love are as follows: 1. The poet sings to his lover about his feelings often accompanied by musicians to bolster the moment. 2. He poet or troubadour the woman is considered superior be approached with deep and self-control on one’s part. 3. Love is a passion that affects the lover's body and soul like some form of mysterious decease causing all sorts of maladies. 4. The lover becomes his lady's servant to honor and obey, hence the gallantry and chivalry. He must prove his valor and faithfulness. The relationship is sometimes portrayed in poetic imagery and other depictions. 5. The effect of this love is that the male lover becomes endearing sometimes to his own peril. Courtly love therefore becomes the force that generates courtliness of courtesy and gentility. “According to the code, a man falls passionately in love with a married woman of equal or higher rank. Before his love can be declared, he must suffer long months of silence; before it can be consummated, he must prove his devotion by noble service and daring exploits. The lovers eventually pledge themselves to secrecy and to remain faithful despite all obstacles. In reality, courtly love was little more than a set of rules for committing adultery” The Medieval Romance poems also speaks of a woman’s desire, to be unleashed, hoping and wishing from deep within whether the love of their love, the man she holds in her arms full of love, the love so bright it turns the darkness surrounding them into day. Poetic expression of love in medieval times is of no surprise to me as these are innate in our being but are sometimes force to be suppressed for one

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