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Court System Essay

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  • on January 8, 2012
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Structure of the courts
University of Phoenix

Structure of the courts
In the state of Missouri the court system is broken down into three separate levels, known as the trial courts, an intermediate appellate court that is divided into three regional districts, and the Supreme Court of Missouri. The trial court is the primary court in Missouri this court has general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal acts. Also each country in Missouri has a court and is broken down into 45 small circuits throughout the state. The second level of the court is the intermediate appellate. This part of the court is broken down into three different regions eastern, southern and western. Any party who loses can go on and file an appeal and is heard by a three judge panel. The last level is the supreme court of Missouri which is the highest level of court in the state. It has rule over all of the other courts in the state. This court will see the cases only if they are brought to them. If the case is thought it needs to go any further than the other two levels it will end up in the court.   Any case can be heard in the state it just depends on what case will fall into which court. How are the courts compared to the federal court system? The federal court system has many levels to its court system. You have the Supreme Court, district court, court of appeals and the special jurisdiction court and a couple other court systems. The federal court system is the court system that doesn’t play around when it comes to crimes or any form of legal actions. This court system is more for the big time criminals. Not just any case will be heard here, you really have to do something very law breaking in order to go in front of these courts. More than just criminals go before the federal court laws are even passed in the Supreme Court. A lot goes on with the federal court system.


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