Court Observation Essay

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Memorandum To: From: Date: 10/29/12 Subject: Superior Court Memo For my superior court observation I went to the Snohomish County Superior in Everett, WA. This was the first time I had been to a courthouse my expectations were to see something like I see on television or in the movies, instead it was a very casual laid back environment. I wasn’t sure where to go so I approached the security guard working near the entrance and he told me there was only one case going on that day and it was in courtroom 2. While I had him there I asked him what his role was in the court house system. He told me his job was to ensure the safety of everyone in the courthouse and to do that they use metal detectors and X ray screening machines, and also conduct physical and visual searches of persons for weapons and any other unauthorized items to minimize the risk of attack on any courthouse occupants. They conduct visual inspections of the courthouse, checking doors, windows, locks, alarms, all before opening and closing the courthouse. Also, if for some reason potentially risky situations are present, they escort courthouse staff, jurors, and witnesses to and from parking areas. After talking to the guard I went upstairs to the courtroom and walked into the court. The court was in session and there was a bailiff by the door as I walked in. I sat down in the back in what was much fuller then I thought would be. The prosecutor had just begun his closing argument so it was near the end of the trial. After listening for a few minutes I was able to tell that the trial was about a young girl who was accusing her father of raping and molesting her from the ages of 13-16. The prosecutor was up front talking directly to the jurors who were listening and some taking notes. I was expecting to hear the other side do a lot of objecting and here a lot from the judge like you see in

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