Court Literacy Essay

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The first time I stepped on a basketball court, I was seven years old. I have been playing ever since. I played on town and travel teams throughout elementary school and middle school. During high school, I played for my high school and for countless club teams. It is safe to say basketball has been a huge part of my childhood. The more and more I play basketball, the easier I am able to read and understand the court. In order to be a successful basketball player, a person must have some sense of court literacy. What that means is that a player must be able to pick up on certain signals, gestures and moves so that they can act upon them in the correct way. Defensive court literacy and offensive court literacy are very different. As a defender, a player must be able to not only read the person that they are covering, but also the ball handler and everyone else in that they are that they are defending. When a defenseman is covering the ball handler, they must be able to pick up on certain things. When the ball handler steps forward, they are more than likely going to dribble in the direction that they stepped with their foot. The defender must pick up on that so that they can step in front of them and not get beat to the hoop. A defender must also know the perfect time to attack the ball. The defender must wait until the ball is easily accessible and be very quick about swatting or grabbing it because the opportunity usually only lasts for a split second if the ball handler is talented. Another thing a defender must pick up on is eye contact. If the ball handler looks at another player or the hoop a second too long, there is a possibility that that is where the ball is going. When a defender is not defending the ball handler and guarding someone else, they must keep their eyes open to everything on the court. They must keep an eye on not only their man, but the

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