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Court Issues Analysis Luria Davis CJA 394 May 30, 2011 Professor Hollis Severns The Hon. Mme. Justice Desiree Bernard, O.R., C.C.H stated that the organizers of this 14th Commonwealth Law Conference on the choice of the theme “Developing Law and Justice” and the various streams which include human rights and corruption within the Courts, issues which are inter-related and important in the administration of justice (The Hon. Mme. Justice Bernard, D., O.R, C.C.H, 1992). This impact the overall operations of the court system by making sure that whoever is on board of a particular case the judge, lawyers, and the officer must treat the individual fairly know matter how wrong the suspect is. That means their can be know bias act against the criminal. This is apart of the International Human Rights treaties. This may cause more finances to be implement and very time consuming, because each suspected human being that is sentenced to a court hearing is entitled a full equality to a impartial and public hearing. The individual is also entitled to an independent tribunal within the fortitude of his or her rights and obligation of a criminal charged against the suspected. The interrelated ones of immigrating and cultural diversity among the 1900’s and next century are the nation’s most significant trends. 12.6 percent of our nation’s population was estimated in the 1900’s. The estimation showed that 32 million were the estimated home speakers of non-English languages. The National Center for State Courts, Research Division states, this diversity makes it increasingly difficult for the criminal justice system to meet constitutional requirements of fundamental fairness (Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments), equal protection (Fourteenth Amendment), and the right to cross examine adverse witnesses (Sixth Amendment) (The National Center for State Courts, Research Division,

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