Court House Security

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Court House Security Phase 3 DB Professor: Terry Collins CJUS620-1403A-01 July 26, 2014 Claudius Gibbs Since a courthouse has to be accessible and in a centralized location, the courthouse is helpless to the behavior of unexpected acts of cruelty. Courts have to have the right court security system, technology and personnel, not only to keep the individuals and property within and around the courts free from harm, but also the honesty of the judicial system. While there is no one way of solving the problem dealing with court security, the right planning has to include working with law enforcement officers, emergency agencies and governing bodies. Courts have to also have emergency management plans in place (NCSC, n.d). Controlling the functions of a courthouse in this current time is very dangerous. All day long a court house is visited by a huge capacity of dissatisfied and even individuals who break the law. Furthermore, court houses can be seen as a powerful representative for those in the middle who desire to cause harm or horror. Courthouse security is not a former accomplishment; it is an important and steady objective and need continuous careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. However, it has to be the number one important thing every single day for those showing curiosity and concern in the procedure (NCSC, 2010). It has been said that a public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law dealing with a section of society that a lot of individuals do not have to deal with; these are individuals who are aggressive, might get really angry or crazy and are showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad that it is impossible to work with, because they do not have a whole lot to lose (Peak, 2012 pp. 178-179). As court leaders, manager and public officer elected to decide a case are confronted with a big
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