Court History and Purpose

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Court History and Purpose Donna R Peeples Court History and Purpose The history and purpose of the judicial system in the United States begins with the Constitution. The United States has two separate court systems, known as the federal court and state court. Each state court system differs from one state to the next, including the District of Columbia in Washington DC. Each system has a trial court and an appellate court. State court handles state issues and federal court handles federal law violations or multi-jurisdictional issues. Each state has their own laws and in contrast federal courts have only one set of laws. The framework for those laws was outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Federal Court and its Purpose The purpose of the federal court is to protect the U.S. Constitution and citizens of the United States. Cases covered in federal court include those violating federal laws or issues across many jurisdictions. As the highest court in the land, federal court is viewed as the highest authority regarding facts of law and disputes. Federal court often manages a broad spectrum of cases such as human and drug trafficking, international trade, interstate violations, and crimes under statutes enacted by Congress. The purpose of court is to uphold law, protect citizens, resolve disputes, and reinforce social norms (Siegel, Schmalleger, & Worrall, 2011). United States Dual Court System The Constitution ensures rights of U.S. citizens and states basic principles of what people can and cannot do. The Constitution governs federal and state courts with guidelines that protect the rights of citizens. A governing structure of power is defined in the Constitution that designates responsibility for specific issues between federal and state governments. As stated previously, each state can create laws but those laws must align with the doctrine of the
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