Court History and Purpose

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Court History and Purpose CJA/224 Court History and Purpose According to Siegel, Schmalleger, and Worrall the definition for a court and its purpose is challenging. Court is explained as appointed or elected officers and selected individuals from within the society who decide disputes between private citizens, businesses, or governmental divisions. The main purpose within the many facets of the judicial court is to serve justice for individuals as well as society. Thus, ensuring fair and neutral decisions will be the outcome of disputes and punishment for crimes, which have been obviously unacceptable by the collective conscience of society (Siegal, Schmalleger, & & Worrall, 2011). Judicially a court is a part or a unit of specific branches within the government who have one or more officers which are authorized or founded by statue, laws, and constitutions to have the authority to make decisions regarding controversies or disputes, which are brought before it. The three distinctive elements that define a court would include; * A proper legal authority as is clearly indicated in statue, constitutions, or laws. * Courts are usually found to be in the judicial branches instead of the legislative or executive branches of government. * Courts are empowered to make judgements and decisions that are binding. This adjudication is the process in which the court arrives at the final decision in regard to any specific case (Siegal, et al., 2011). Two types of judicial courts are Civil and Criminal court divisions. Civil courts are usually regarded as focusing on disputes, which are between private citizens or parties. Criminal courts focus on hearing cases of suspect offenders when societal norms have been established or otherwise need to be enforced. Courts have been established over the centuries to decide more formally the earlier ways of
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