Court Cases Essay

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|[pic] |[Home] [Databases] [World Law] [Multidatabase Search] [Help] [Feedback] |[pic] | | |United Kingdom House of Lords Decisions | | | | |You are here: BAILII >> Databases >> United Kingdom House of Lords Decisions >> Bourhill v Young [1942] UKHL 5 (05 August 1942) | |URL: | |Cite as: [1942] UKHL 5, [1943] AC 92 | [New search] [Buy ICLR report: [1943] AC 92] [Help] JISCBAILII_CASE_TORT Die Mercurii, 5° Augusti, 1942 Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/JU/4/3/971 Lord Thanker- ton Lord Russell of Killowen Lord Macmillan Lord Wright Lord Porter HAY OR BOURHILL v. YOUNG Lord Thankerton MY LORDS, The Appellant is pursuer in an action of reparation, in which she claims damages from the Respondent as executor-dative of the late John Young, in respect of injuries alleged to have been sus- tained by her owing to the fault of John Young, on the occasion of a collision between a motor-cycle which the latter was riding and a motor car on the nth October, 1938, which resulted in the death of John Young, to whom I will hereafter refer as the cyclist. After a proof, Lord Robertson assoilzied the Respondent on the ground that the cyclist had not been guilty of any breach of duty to the Appellant, and this decision was affirmed by the Second

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