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Supreme Court Cases Marbury v. Madison 1. Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1801. This established ten new district courts and expanded the circuit courts from three to six and adding an additional judge to each circuit. Congress did this because it gave the president power to appoint federal judges and justices of peace. 2. Court ruled that they did not have enough power to make Madison deliver the commission, and Marbury had the right to his commission. 3. This case had and impact on our country’s court system, because it expanded the circuit courts and increased the number of judges in each. Plessy v. Ferguson 1. This case was mainly about racism and the Separate Car Act and the Citizen’s Committee wanting to challenge this act and overturn it around 1890. 2. The court rejected Plessey’s arguments, giving the reason that it violated the Fourteenth Amendment. 3. Because of this case, our country now treats all races equally. McCulloch v. Maryland 1. General Assembly of Maryland passed an act to impose a tax on all banks, or branches thereof, in the State of Maryland, not chartered by the legislature on February 11, 1818. 2. The court decided that congress had the power to charter the bank. 3. Our government now has the power to tax banks and profit from it. Miranda v. Arizona 1. Around 1960, a movement occurred and it provided defendants with legal aid. On March 1963 Miranda was arrested for having sex with an 18 year old. Later he confessed to the cops that he committed robbery and attempted rape. Miranda did not specifically request an attorney. 2. The court decided that no confession could be admissible under the fifth amendment self incrimination clause and sixth amendment right to an attorney unless a suspect has been aware of his rights and suspect has waived them off. All the convictions that the court made were overturned

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