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The case began by giving the case number which was 08003. Two of the judges were Justice Golden and Justice Hill. Steve Erin represented the Krasic side. Tanaya rented a house from Mr. Alan Krasic and in the transaction there were two errors: error of law and error of fact. Tanaya and Mr. Krasic had a confidential relationship. On May 28, 2004 Krasic came to Tanaya’s office in the Union with a lease document. Tanaya prepared the document on May 28, 2008. The Cheyenne attorney gathered information and but the question is was it Tanaya or Krasic’s attorney? The attorney was Morris’s family attorney and former roommate’s attorney. On the document, they used Morris’s address, not Krasic’s. On June 10th or 14th, Morris called the attorney and gave the phone to Krasic. The attorney claimed to never have talked to Krasic or have met him until Morris handed him phone. One June 22, Morris paid the bill, took Krasic to lunch and had him sign the deed that guaranteed the million dollar house to Morris. The attorney claims Krasic is his client, but a copy of the deed was sent to Morris. There were two more documents as well: the deed for the Krasic home which gave everything to Morris that Krasic owned. A friend of Morris realized something was wrong with the will. The friend prepared a deed and gave the deed to Krasic so he could keep his own assets. The second deed was found invalid though because the first deed had been signed by Krasic himself before he died. This second act is unlawful, when you give something away to yourself, this is unconstitutional. Krasic died in an Alzheimer’s home and Morris was trying to gain inheritance. Incompetence means the deed is no good, and Krasic was definetly uncompetent. So, they are saying the deed Krasic signed was invalid because Krasic does not remember signing the document. Tanaya’s attorney said Tanaya did not try

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