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“In terms of the relationship between men and women, women are relatively powerless” Compare and contrast the extent of which this interpretation relates to three of your chosen text. The term powerless is defined as an individual being without ability, influence or authority. Carol Anne Duffy’s The World’s Wife (1999), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) and Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber Collection (1979) challenges the idea that women are relatively powerless in relation to men. Duffy’s female characters are empowered through the representation of them as the dominate character within a relationship. Duffy uses characters such as Mrs Aesop to illustrate the empowerment of women in relation to men. Along with Duffy, Carter uses her fictional stories to illustrate the power women can hold in relation to men, by giving the female characters a voice as stories are told from their perspective. Stoker’s Dracula goes on to shows that the domination of an individual is not based on gender as he presents the character Jonathan Harker as powerless in relation to other male characters. Although it is arguable accurate to state that women are not weak in relation to men, some would alternatively view this as an incorrect interpretation, suggesting that women hold a lack of power contrast to men. This can be seen in The Bloody Chamber as women are objectified and portrayed as sexual objects for the personal pleasures of men. Whilst this is true, it would be ignorant to ignore the dominant role that the female characters have played across the text. Duffy’s poem, ‘from Mrs Tiresias’, challenges the idea that women are relatively powerless in relation to men. Duffy’s ‘from Mrs Tiresias’ is based on the Greek myth of the blind prophet Tiresias who undergoes a sex change by the wrath of Hera. In the poem Duffy’s Tiresias is presented as a foolish, middle aged or elderly man,

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