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TDA 3.7: 1.3 The characteristics of assessment for learning- Assessment for learning notifies and encourages children for their achievements, this would inspire them to take responsibility for their own learning. The learning objective must be explained clearly so that children can reflect this on their work and it will be easier for them to recognise their achievements. Self- assessment is when children read and assess through their work and are encouraged to take lead of their work. In year 3 they go through the success criteria on their checklist and tick the objective met. They will stamp there work to show that it is self-assessed, this will make the child feel proud of what they have achieved. Peer assessment is where the pupil will be assessed by another pupil in the class, usually in the same group. Children tend to open up and have a better communication with their peers than there teachers, as they feel more comfortable. Children will have a discussion amongst each other about their work and this improves their communication skills, but before they peer assess they must know the success criteria clearly and some groups may need the extra support in marking. Questioning is important as this build’s children’s intellectual skills, this makes them use their knowledge to solve a problem by themselves. Formative feedback this will make the child aware of what they have achieved and what they must improve on for the next lesson or this may be a next step for them to complete. Children will share the information to show if they have met the learning objective. TDA 3.7: 1.4 Children will have a great interest towards learning when they make progress and will have ownership of their work. This will have a huge impact on them as it will boost their confidence and be more committed to their work in class. Children will be able to pre- assess and use

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