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1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment. Different communication methods are used in business environments as it makes it easier to communicate to a range of people. Written, non-verbal and verbal communications are used daily within the business environments. Everyday I use a range of both Written and verbal communication. I send out emails daily to our engineers and to the clients. When sending out emails I’m able to attach files that the engineers may need or that the client has requested. I use verbal communication all day both face to face and over the phone. I use face to face communication mainly with my work colleagues as I have to speak to them in order to do my work. I speak to the engineers and clients mainly over the phone as they call in. I assist them with anything they need help with and if I’m unable to I pass them to the appropriate person. 1.2 Describe the communication requirements of different audiences. Understanding your audiences will help you in understanding how to communicate with them. Different audiences require different communication techniques. Internal audiences – work colleagues or people you work with closely. External audiences – people that you work with but not closely or people who work alongside your company. Every day I deal with internal audiences, I interact with other members of my team and of the other teams within the office. I speak with engineers, who althoughare a part of the team I do not work as closely with them .When dealing with internal audiences I use mainly verbal communication as it is the easiest one for me to use in the office. I deal with External audiences to such as clients who call in with queries about a number of things. I still use verbal communications with External but I also use written and non- verbal. 1.3 Explain the importance of

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