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A MEMORABLE OCCASION (Birthday) During my fifteenth birthday, it was most experience I have ever had in my life time. I remember it was Sunday morning when my parents told me to invite my friends to my birthday. It was different from any other parties I had in my life before. I invited my friends to come over and did my parents invited the family friends. It seemed a very special thing for me. It was a littered friendly and cool atmosphere and so fascinating because I was with my age mates. After all people have gathered, they brought for me all kind of birthday presents. We really had fun, played games, cooked and danced. We share jokes among ourselves and introduced each other for my friends who didn’t know others and we continued joking around. There were different category of ages on my birthday party. Adults, teenagers and children. Adults were chatting with their mates, teenagers were joking around and the children were playing. Towards lunch, they cooked different types of foods for which for adults they prepared spicy foods like fried spicy shrimps and spicy soups and for the children there was rice ,rice chicken and pork etc. and then foods were arranged on a long table and then one of my friends was asked to pray which then we started eating. Just a minute gone, my parents asked people to comment on my behavior and so my sister started by saying I still wet in bed and everybody laughed at me. Another friend of mine said am scared of girls at school and people were like laughing and cheering at me. That moment was really fun because everyone laughed too much. Right after the heavy lunch we had, we decided to set off for a short trip and I chose unique places for my friends told me it was great to go there. Places like the zoo, the city mall etc. and I had never been in such places before. It was my first and unforgettable experience. So my parents hired

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