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Commentary The purpose of my short story was to entertain my target audience. The children, this is done by the genre of a fantasy children’s book. The story is meant to be read to a child as a fantasy tale of fun and mystery while having the underlying story of an insane person undergoing brain surgery to help with his insanity. Parts of the story have symbolic relationships with the actual surgery going on for example having “five suns in Sirangerbury” reflects the five light used in the operating theatre which would of being the last sight seen before going under. The fact he has been here before and that “rot cod” (doctor) had saved him at the “Iced Mines” (medicine). Research was carried out on the parts of the brain and medical procedures. The note to the reader is meant to imply it’s a fantasy tale “Eirlys” a Welsh name meaning snowdrop and “Gwyn” meaning white. The whole craziness of the story hopefully reflects the madness the writer is going through Anagrams in story. “Sirangerbury” Brain surgery “Nasty nevil ii” evil insanity “Incubus cosso” subconscious “Seaside” disease “Dual elm” medulla “Pol encahined” diencephalon “Iced mines” medicine “Cot rod” doctor “Duc Comedian” Induced coma “Idiot banes” antibodies My short story was written in context of my star model of George Orwell Animal farm, I took an interest in this book as it had underlying messages which was the reason of me writing a short story to put underlying messages in. This was done in a non-fiction story, just for the purpose of entertainment. However due to writing a bizarre, fantasy story I wrote over 2300 words as I described the characters in detail, this was going over my word count that was allowed for me to do, therefore I decided to write my story in a diary form and take out the description of

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