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Explain how useful these sources have been in informing you in your enquiry into the involvement of women in industry in the two world wars. Source 1: the source is a primary source, produced in 1916 by the government to encourage woman to do munitions work. It shows a young girl happy, woman going into the factory and putting on her uniform as a man wave’s good bye in soldier’s uniform in the background. The bias of this poster is that the soldier is in the background and the women in the front shows women were really important at that, women were needed to carry out the war. The poster is trying to tell woman that although their male relatives are going off to war, they can “do their bit” and make munitions. This phrase also suggests that not all woman are helping the war effort by saying “these” women, it hints that there are woman who are not helping are guilty of letting your country down. You can tell she is in a factory because of the machinery in the background. This source is not reliable because it was produced by the government so it is a propaganda poster and not trustworthy. Source 2: E.F.Skinner produced in 1917 therefore a primary source. it shows women working in a munitions factory, bent over their machines. The title implies an act of bravery, possibly that by making the munitions, the women were risking their health and maybe their lives if caught in a bomb raid. The painting was probably intended to praise women and the work they did. All the women in the painting looks happy this shows it’s a propaganda poster because many women’s hate the factories and also this painting is useful in one way because it shows how the factories were and how women react to it but also in another way it is not very useful because it only shows one side. In 1914 there were 212,000 women working in the munitions industry, by the end of the war it had increased to

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