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Ravioli Appetising, square shape, some of the meat appearing out the pasta. Tomato, herbs. Meaty, tomato. Soft pasta layer with half thick creamy sauce. Red, yellow. Tuna pasta bake Appetising and creamy sauce however looked undercooked. Tomato, fish. Tuna, pasta tomato sauce. Soft pasta. Tomato sauce. Yellow, red. Quiche Appetising, perfect out layer of pastry. Cheesy, creamy. Pastry, creamy cheesy filling, vegetables. Ruff but soft pastry layer, easy bite filling. Green vegetables, golden brown pastry, light yellow filling. After trailing these dishes I can take the criticism given and insure if made in my practical examination I correct these errors. After careful consideration and trialing dishes I have decided to make quorn lasagne with garlic bread and a quiche with a salad. The nutrients lasagne is carbohydrates from the lasagne pasta sheets and garlic bread. Ragu sauce and vegetables in the dish hold vitamins and minerals and the béchamel sauce has fats, little saturated fat and protein. The quiche has carbohydrates in the pastry and protein in the filling with vitamins and minerals from the vegetables in the quiche itself and the salad. I have chosen these dishes to make in my examination because I believe they would work well in a school canteen as they also fit in with the 8 tips for healthy eating and they will show my culinary skills when producing them. Here is shopping list of all of my dishes: Ingredient Quantity Price GROCER Can chopped tomatoes. 450g 30p Beef stock cube 1 5p Plain flour 225g 90p Whole wheat flour 100g 40p Mixed spices / / Dijon mustard ½ tsp 1p Garlic oil 30ml 30p Strong plain flour 450g £2.70 Caster sugar 2 tsp 5p Easy blend yeast 1 ½ tsp 2p GREEN GROCER Onion 100g 40p Green pepper 50g 20p Garlic 2 cloves 5p Yellow pepper 50g 20p Lemon juice 2 tsp 3p

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