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Coursera If you've heard of MOOCs, chances are you've heard of Coursera. This education company was created by Stanford professors involved with one of the earliest massive open online classes. How did it all begin? "Stanford University opened up some of their more popular computer science courses to the general public, expecting a few hundred students to enroll. Instead, over 100,000 students took part in each course," says Jonathan Haber, a writer and researcher who has worked in the field of educational technology. According to Haber, this huge enrollment demonstrated pent-up demand for high-quality, free college-level classes. In response, "professors involved with this original Stanford project created two start-up companies - Udacity and Coursera - and began delivering MOOCs on different subjects to the world," says Haber. "Coursera is probably the best overall MOOC provider," explains Hamish Brocklebank, co-CEO of, an online education platform that seeks to provide free education to a global audience. "They have a huge corpus of content, lots of users, and lots of money." They also have an impressive 9.5 million students enrolled, up from 4 million last year, according to Brocklebank. In February of 2013, Coursera announced that the American Council on Education had evaluated and recommended college credit for five courses on Coursera. That means you could theoretically take these five courses for free and earn college credit. In order to earn college credit, students need to sign up for an eligible course in the "signature track," which links coursework in Coursera to a student's identity. Then students need to take an online proctored credit exam. Upon successfully completing a course, students may request a transcript from ACE, which they can then present to their college or university for consideration for college credit. Standout

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