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MU 2.8-3.2 Supporting children ’s personal care routines Hair care Always use a kids shampoo on children’s hair or baby shampoo as its much more Kinder to infants and baby’s hair and scalp , wet the Childs hair thoroughly with clean water , Then get a good amount of shampoo and rub it into the hair and scalp to make sure all the hair is clean . Once this as been done. Rinse the hair with clean water . Many people /parents and carers like to use Conditioner on children ’s Hair , if long This will help detangle hair, hydrate damaged ends and even make hair easier to manage. For Baby’s Hair if cradle cap is there Olive oil is really good to soften the flakes of cradle cap , Always find out about children’s and baby’s hair care needs by Talking to the Child IF old Enough to understand or the child’s parents . Everyone as different type of hair some people children suffer from Allergies will require specific special products . To wash ad treat and look after hair . African -Caribbean children often have Oil Rubbed in their hair , wear Braids and need Very less Frequent Hair washing . Head Lice is Very Common in children BUT they is loads of different treatment and special combs to buy to get rid of head lice . Skin care Skin is very important part of body as it play a very important role .one is that it functions to be a barrier against bacterial, viral and fungal infections . If u don’t care for the skin properly bad infections can enter the body , this means as a Adult we must care and keep child’s skin clean . Child and babies will need their hands and faces washed more often through out the day as they up to everything in day time . And putting stuff in their mouths Eg; Playing in the sand , painting .playing with play doh after there activities hands need to be washed It is very important To show

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