Course Project: Week 1 Assignment

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Course Project - Part 1 This course contains two project assignments -- Project Part 1 in Week 2, and Project Part 2 in Week 5. Because of this, you will need to spend additional time and effort in Weeks 2 and Week 5. Overview Project Part 1 (PP1) Project Part 1 (PP1) consists of performing application-oriented exercises wherein the specific economic principles learned in this course are put to practical use. You must translate your ideas into economic analysis using the specific economic theory and economic terms contained in the TCOs covered in the course, and demonstrate that you are understanding and utilizing material from text chapters covered up to this point in the course, to receive full credit on the assignment. You are…show more content…
Reporting All project submissions should be prepared as Word documents suitable for electronic transmission. Your PP1 report should consist of precisely 5 numbered pages. The first page is a cover sheet having on it only your name, course name, and number (Business Economics GM545), the academic term, and your e-mail address. After that, the response to each of the 3 reported exercises should be on a separate page. On each page, state the chapter and question number before answering it. Do not print the full question as it takes up valuable space. Just list the chapter and question number. Page 5 is your References or Works Cited Page. This does not replace in-text citations (with quotation marks or paraphrasing) or footnotes. Use double spacing for your response; your overall responses to any exercise should not exceed one page in length (including the problem statement). Font size is also optional, as long as it is reasonable -- 10 pt. fonts and 1/2 inch margins should be the minimum…show more content…
For any source other than your text, you must also include the proper reference material including the full URL and date accessed if the source is the Web. Failure to do so is a violation of DeVry Academic Standards, and will mean a zero for your assignment and an investigation of plagiarism by the academic integrity committee. To learn more about avoiding plagiarism in your work, see the "How to Avoid Plagiarism" tutorial in the Syllabus. To support DeVry Online's commitment to academic integrity, your instructor now has the ability to check for plagiarism in student assignments and discussion posts through the use of, a nationally known plagiarism prevention system. Through turnitin, assignments and discussion posts submitted to turnitin by your instructor will be compared against material in three primary databases: 1. Both a current and extensively archived copy of the publicly accessible Internet; 2. Millions of commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals; 3. Tens of millions of student papers already submitted to turnitin. More information on turnitin can be found at

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