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Course Project Proposal I chose the topic on the study in 2003 which indicated that over 10% of African American men between ages 25 and 29 were incarcerated, as compared to other races in the United States. The topic goes on to ask why this statistic exists and why young black men in particularly more likely to be arrested and put in jail than other races such as Hispanic or Caucasian men. I am particularly interested in this topic because we see in the media far too often especially now with the Ferguson Missouri protests. I worked at a prison in California prior to coming here to Arizona and the prison’s inmate population was 90 % Hispanic men. This topic is important to the study of cultural diversity in so many ways. First, we constantly see and hear of inequality between different races here in our country and recent violence has possibly been the result of years of abuse of authority from the police and a mixture of the presence of separation and misunderstanding between people of that particular area. I expect to find that most African American men are often raised in a culture around crime. I expect to find that they are more likely to drop out of school and experience unemployment. I am also expecting to find that they are disproportionately likely to come into contact with the justice system compared with men of other races. I am interested in finding data that shows how African Americans feel about where society is today in terms of racial inequality. I intend to use the school online library and data bases that are available to us. I also will research scholarly or peer reviewed sources. I will also research statistics online through reliable government or educational resources. I also want to dive into the new initiative that our President has announced last year called My Brother’s Keeper. It aims to improve the life chances of young black men

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